Your heart starts to beat faster as the festival of lights gets near, and you can almost feel the celebrations. If you can remember back to your early Deepawali celebrations, we are sure that you would be able to recall participating in candle-making and card-making contests at school before gradually moving on to helping your parents prepare an abundance of delectable treats. Deepawali is a time of year when diyas light up the streets, joy fills the homes, and hearts resonate with hope. So let's travel down memory lane in the good old days:

The Colourful Rangoli: Rangoli never goes out of style when it comes to Deepawali décor! There are various ways to make one, you can make it using colours, flowers, or even just by sticking stickers on a piece of paper. The most beautiful thing about rangoli is its vibrant colours! Children wearing colourful clothes often participate and make their favourite designs of their choice and create a lovely Rangoli to spruce up the house.

Deepawali decoration items: Deepawali is one time of the year when we focus on decorating our house. Some prefer to choose simple or elaborate decorations, but decoration is a must! If you're wondering what to get for this year's Deepawali shopping, here are the essentials: Diyas, lamps, torans, lights, DIY goods, and paper bag luminaries. We can assure you that there are countless options when it comes to buying Deepawali decorations. Therefore, we advise making a list and following it.

House painting or wallpapers: Deepawali is also a perfect time to make improvements to your home, whether it be something minor like buying new trinkets or something major like painting the whole thing! Choose the colours that you like best, whether they are calming or vivid. Wallpapers are another option for transforming plain walls into works of art. This Deepawali, let your creativity shine and watch the outcomes!

Deepawali outfit- Deepawali is incomplete without new clothes and inners! Purchasing clothes for Deepawali is still a long-standing custom. Who doesn't enjoy shopping, after all? Shopping doesn't necessarily mean you have to empty your pockets! You can purchase anything that is comfortable and, at the same time, affordable, like Euro Briefs and Trunks! And then drape yourself with traditional attire to look the best! The greatest time to organise your shopping and select the best clothing for you and your loved ones is now!

Deepawali Gift for close ones- Exchanging gifts on Deepawali is always a good idea to put a smile on someone’s face... Gifts like perfume, dry fruits, coffee cups, tea sets, chocolates, and candies are quite common. This year you can focus on something which comes under the category of a necessity item, a product which can be used all year round. Try giving Euro Vests as a gift because they will be useful to the recipient and they will be able to wear the comfort with bliss. Make a list of all the gifts you want to buy, and then put them in your shopping basket!

After all that celebrations, we would eventually drop out on the couch while already thinking about the fireworks and activities we would do for the next Deepawali. The remaining crackers would likely be saved for the New Year, and the remaining desserts would be consumed over the following few days. With our bellies full and our hearts fuller, Deepawali undoubtedly provided much joy and happiness and enhanced our childhood memories. We hope that we were able to transport you back to joyful Deepawali nostalgia down the lane. Euro wishes you a safe and happy Deepawali...

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