At the end of the monsoon, the city disperses in front of Ashwin's autumnal hues. A season that patiently waits to relive its beauty on the city's streets, alleys, and tree-lined boulevards. Durga Puja brings back the city to its original form.

Most Calcuttans experience this festive season as a state of being emotionally aroused and worked up. Most areas have already begun building their pandals. The streets are filled with the languid scent of shiuli and kash phool as they shimmer on the roads. The only way to understand these smells is through emotion and nostalgia.

Durga Puja stands out against a busy cityscape like the gentle notes of a treasured song that has been forgotten. The transitory and delicate strings join together to form the very language that Calcuttans use to define the alphabets of merriment. Such is Durga Puja's influence where caste, class, and religious distinctions are left outside as people enter the gates of the many pandals from all walks of life. The unrestricted attitude of celebration, inclusivity, and revelry permeates the atmosphere. An uncontrollable emotion that has ruled for years.

People eagerly anticipate for the rituals to pick up speed with the sound of dhak beats and the arati fires. However, the main essence of the Durga Puja celebration is pandal hopping. You can say the hub of the festivity is the puja pandal. People go for outings and seek the blessings of Goddess Durga wearing brand-new attire and Vests. Also, the city has around a thousand large and small pandals, which are assembled each year by tens of thousands of artisans and craftspeople, making it the largest street-art event on earth.

It is a joyful holiday that transcends all divisions, uniting all communities—rich or poor—to celebrate the majesty and grandeur of this festival in one way or another. Although everyone has a different concept of "Durgtsov" and a different way to celebrate and acknowledge it, everyone nevertheless takes part in the major event according to their flexibility, preferences, and personal budgets. Everybody is prepared to welcome Maa Durga in their own way, whether they live in a hut, a house, an apartment building, or a palace.

Puja means fashion and comfort. A time to express your emotions through clothing! So don’t limit yourselves to outer fashion only when you can have the chance to revel in inner fashion too with EURO. A Calcuttan places himself in the shadows of centennial custom as he or she talks about Durga Pujo. The event, which also honours the harvest, symbolises the goddess as the primal force behind all life and creation. The way this festival thrives on the borders of imagination, beauty, memory, friendship, and an amazing show of workmanship and artistry, however, transcends even centuries of history and tradition. Rather, it is a celebration that ages and re-ages over time, much like the Ganges River.

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