Don’t just wear one… Wear the right one! Underwear is one section of male fashion that never goes out of style. Although briefs, boxers, and trunks are still the most popular styles, there have been some notable advancements in fabric and fit. There has never been a better moment to replace your underwear for the ones that offer the most comfort and support for your daily life, from Comfy Loungewear to breathable active wear.

We break down the many categories of underwear that modern men should be familiar with to assist you in navigating the countless options available on EURO. The most well-known underwear style also happens to be the most traditional. They come in a wide range of heights and variants, offering the necessary protection and support while leaving the legs exposed for comfort and ease of movement.

Check out some of our favourite contemporary underwear designs to ensure that you are outfitted and prepared for any situation.


It is well known that Briefs provide excellent support and offer a snug fit. Since they don't tend to bunch up between your thighs, they go perfectly with low-rise jeans and well-cut pants.

For men with larger thighs and for professionals whose jobs require long periods of sitting, briefs are a terrific solution.

Speaking of briefs, Euro is the clear winner as the products are processed using sophisticated Swiss technology and manufactured using state-of-art Japanese machinery to get you Comfort-Enhancing knits inspired by the hottest trends around the world.


Trunks are preferred by most men because they combine the boxer-style ease with the flattering fit of a brief. Trunks, which provide a more tapered boxer fit, sit perfectly on the hips and are a great match for nearly all types of pants, including chinos or trousers and shirt combinations that need to be tucked in.

Trunks are by far the most adaptable type of men's underwear, coming in three different sizes: Short, Mid, and Long.

To keep your underwear collection fashionable, choose these ultra-soft trunks in striking colours. These trunks are made of luxurious, naturally sourced cotton fabric, which guarantees all-day comfort.

Mid-Trunks: These are also known as Workout-Friendly Underwear. The best underwear for working out needs to be supportive, keep your assets in position, and be perspiration-wicking enough to keep up with your sweaty workout sessions. If you are working out at home or practising yoga, you should think about donning Mid-Trunks for a better fit and easier movement.

EURO believes that “Fashion is about something that comes from within you” and needless to say that it practices what it preaches! So, let your fashion statement be seen in your undies too! We present you with a plethora of stylish options for all your innerwear needs & moods. Right from the classic brief to stylish gym vests to bold trunks.

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