Itchy feel down south, waistbands in warfare against tummy or undies getting trapped in crack- underwear issues can be myriad and that’s true for both men & women. While underwear hygiene for men is one of the blazing topics for articles, underwear issues are not as most folks tend to overlook them. However, did you know that not just unhygienic but uncomfortable underwear can also give rise to host of diseases? So instead of suffering in silence, let’s delve deep into some of the common underwear problems men face so that you can match with yours & learn how Euro Fashion can come to your rescue!


  1. The Wedgie Woes

Wedgies are nice, but only when they are made of potatoes. Unless you want to be seen doing an underwear dance while adjusting your gears in public, those pesky wedgies are a real embarrassment. Not just wearing the wrong size, but the lack of coverage can be the culprit which can be easily sorted with the perfectly designed underwears with great fit and coverage, so that you can say goodbye to the constant tug-of-war and hello to comfort & confidence.

The Wedgie Woes

  1. Belly Lip Bummer:

The male counterpart of the infamous muffin tops, belly lip is the belly fat bulging out of tight waistbands. Beer belly or not, you definitely deserve more comfort & style than looking like a complete fatso in the midsection and no, it does not need a shapewear. Investing in an innerwear with wide, stretchable & ultra-soft waistbands with smooth and comfortable grips that covers a wider area of your belly and keeps your tummy-tucked without digging into skin, can be a life-saver for those wide in midriff.


Belly Lip Bummer


  1. Rough Ride Up

Ever experienced the frustration of your cronies bunching up or riding up during the day? We feel you! To ensure that your underwear stays in place, elastane can be your best friend. Go for an inner crafted with special leg treatment & anti-ride up technology  , so you can move, groove, and conquer the world without any interruptions.

Rough Ride Up


  1. Dampness Distress

Squirming with heat & dampness below the belt? Well, for a tropical country for ours, this is a common scene for most of the folks, especially those who go for a tight fit. Cotton or breathable fabric will no doubt give a lot of respite from the swampy feel, but for the ultimate breezy experience, cooling underwear is the IT thing. Made with I-COOL finish to help release heat and optimise ventilation, these innerwears are your best bet for a dry and comfortable undercarriage, even on the hottest days!

Dampness Distress


5. Chafing Story

Friction & chafing- the most common underwear issue, that feels no less than hell. To give your assets an extra layer of protection against the constriction & chafing, underwears designed with double layered pouch are the best for consistent awesomeness. After all, the boys certainly deserve better comfort, right?

Chafing Story

Underneath every fashion-statement, it's all about feeling good and strutting your stuff with confidence.  So rise over your underwear-worries and pump up your inner game with Euro Fashion, and make your nether regions a happy place! ????