Chiseled bodies, washboard abs & svelte looks- open any fashion mag, website or social handles and you’ll be greeted with picture- perfect images gracing the covers & banners. Intimate wear brands, both for men & women, have more often than not been found guilty of promoting not just an OTT sensual image but of selling a twisted body ideal akin to a runway model, no matter how much departed it looks from reality. In this era of celebrating natural look and embracing our real self, body positivity in underwear brand seems not just a trending insta-jargon but the need of the hour.  As the nation clocks its 77th year of Independence, Euro is set to start a discourse towards breaking free from unrealistic beauty standards and start feeling confident in our own skin.  

Macho Comes in All Sizes

Rise above tough, embrace metrosexual! Millennial men believes that it’s not that body type but attitude that makes you manly.  So shatter the typical masculine stereotype with underwear that rocks your attitude, just like our micra briefs, trunks & vests, available in all shapes & sizes that even an 4XL guy can proudly fit & flaunt.

Rocking Imperfections with Pride

Love handles? Belly pooch? Gone are the days of hiding your curves under uncomfortable tight fitting inners that dig in your skin. Wear your imperfection with elan and go for an innerwear that offers relaxed waist fitting while giving your glutes and handles complete coverage on both sides. Trust us, the real body is what looks really sexy! J

Comfort Meets Confidence

Contrary to the general notion, body positivity ain’t just about the thick guys, but largely about skinny men as well, who are shamed & trolled for not being muscular & masculine enough. A perfect underwear not only wraps you in unparalleled comfort but also infuses you with a confidence that radiates from within, irrespective of your body type. For that dose of  assurance, try gym vests and briefs that are designed to make you not just feel but look like a million bucks, regardless of how society's measuring tape might try to define you.

Original Men Original Style

Whether you are a Greek god or a dad bod, everyone needs an innerwear. While people might suggest the leaner guys to go for trunks & thicker frames to opt for boxer briefs, we say the key to choose your innerwear should not be to achieve a particular shape, but to give you the perfect coverage & comfort. So be it briefs, trunks or boxers-  choose anything that fits you well & rock ‘em all.

In a world that constantly hammers us to be more n more flawless, let's raise a toast to the journey of embracing every inch of who we are. Here's to freedom from perfection, and to this liberating journey of welcoming self-love, body positivity, and individuality together!

Happy Independence Day to all from Euro!