Rain rain go away… said no man ever! After all, no matter how much monsoons have been romanticised & equated with females, the quintessential charm of the season is not entirely lost on the menfolk who equally welcome the pleasure of a refreshing shower after the scorching summer spells. However, with fun of getting drenched being overpowered with feeling of wet, sticky clothes underneath and pile of stinky undies riding over goodness of breezy weather – the relation of men & monsoon can better be touted as bitter-sweet. For most men, monsoon is more about fungal infections & dermatitis than rain dance parties or long-drives- thanks to their despicable personal hygiene practices especially with their underwear. So how to keep your assets in place & prim with undies that’s squeaky clean? Trust this tried & tested tricks from Euro team for an underwear that’s fresh & fragrant as the weather, sans any skin-hazards.

Wash Your Worries:

 Wash Your Worries

Whether it’s date night or home alone, smelly n dirty underwears just don’t work anywhere. So instead of holding onto that one pair of clean inner for special adventures, make it a habit to wash those homies you own on regular basis if you don’t want to fall prey to the monsoon- special scabbies & dermatitis. Use mild detergent and don’t scrub vigorously to make them last long.


No Jamming While Washing

 No Jamming While Washing

Avoid overcrowding your laundry load, especially during the monsoon season that can result in inadequate cleaning and drying, and leaves behind bacteria or moisture on your underwear. Wash in small batches separately, not with other clothes to prevent cross-contamination.


Store With Caution

 Store With Caution

To avoid musty odor and fungal growth in underwear that makes it incompetent to wear, make sure you store them in a clean, dry place. Do not pack them too tightly to avoid the mold or mildew formation.


Damp It Not

Damp It Not

Your undies are like your mood- don’t let them be damp! During monsoon, just washing does not do any good, drying them is equally important as damp undergarments can cause rashes, allergies, and itching. While sun-drying is best, you can also hang them indoors under a fan or drier if there is no sunlight to sustain the fabric without odour.


Rotate, Don’t Repeat:

 Rotate, Don’t Repeat

Repeating underwear is one crime every guy is guilty of, and apart from that being real tacky, it really throws your personal hygiene out of the window & opens door for bacterias to have a tango dance on your skin. So forget being a repeat offender and give your undie wardrobe constant shuffles this season. Keep at least 3-4 pairs of inners so that you can give the wet ones ample time to dry thoroughly, for reduced risk of infection & prevent tearing. If you feel falling short of stock, take a sneak peek into the amazing briefs & trunks collection of Euro to replenish.


Breathe In, Breathe Out:

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Let the monsoon breeze reach you for that no-sweat, airy feel down there. Breathable undies in bamboo or moisture-wicking blends, or 100% cotton briefs from Euro are the perfect monsoon inner option that allows ventilation & absorbs sweat & moisture for reduced chance of skin infection.

Change Is Good:

Change Is Good

Drizzle or downpour, rain doesn’t come with caution. So whether you are going outdoors or hitting the gym, keep a pair of inners with you especially in monsoon for a no wet, no sweat dry feel down there. Changing your underwear at regular interval also means it will have a longer wardrobe-life & won’t go in tatters in a few days.

Smell Good, Feel Good

After drying, a small sprinkle of anti-fungal powder on underwear and you will not only prevent the growth of fungi in your intimate areas, but will also smell like a million bucks.


Cleanliness & proper care go a long way in maintaining your underwear’s longevity & your personal health. Stay dry, stay comfortable & enjoy the monsoons with confidence.