Pujo holidays are just round the corner, and we know many of you are prepping up to fly off from the hustle-bustle for a long vacay! Before you hit the road, let's talk about something that's often overlooked but essential for keeping your groove on point, be it in house or holiday, and that’s your underwear! Be it a beach holiday or hills, vacations should bring out your most stylish side, especially coz it’s festive time after all. Instead of carrying 2 pairs and wearing them on rotation, Euro team is here to help you guys with lowdown on how you can keep it fresh and vibrant from the inside so that your adventures are nothing short of spectacular.

  1. Know The Number Game:

When you're gearing up for holidays, you gotta plan your undie game just like you plan your itinerary! The magic number for underwear is usually one pair per day, plus one extra, for those just-in-case moments. That doesn’t mean you have to carry 10 undies for a 4 days trip, but 5-6 are reliable numbers to toss in some spares for emergencies.

Know The Number Game

  1. Stay Comfy, Stay Confident:

Vacations are all about embracing the holiday spirit with confidence and comfort and the choice of your cronies highly depend on your destination. So if you are in mood for leisure or hitting a beach, cotton briefs with relaxed fit are your best buds. On the contrary, for a hiking or trekking trip, choose supportive underwears, mostly trunks that provide the right support & does not ride up-teaming with gym vests. For hotter climate, no sweat, cooling innerwears can be your bet so you can rock those desert safaris without a second thought.

Stay Comfy, Stay Confident

  1. Fun with function:

When you are on the go, convenience is the top-most priority. Using innerwear that are functional in design, like a trunk with pockets can be a super-useful add-on in packing list for keeping sundry items and mobile, ensuring hands-free mobility during travel.

 Fun with function

  1. Pack with Perfection:

For an organised and crease-free transport, pack your underwear tightly in rolls & fold, using them to hold everything else in place and cushion your more delicate, wrinkle-prone items. Use a underwear bag for special occasion undies, which can also be used for stashing dirty laundry as you go and your trip progresses.

Pack with Perfection

  1. Quick Wash, No Fuss:

Washing your underwear on the go doesn't have to be a hassle if you choose undies that are quick dry & easy to rinse. Always carry a mild detergent and use the sink, that’s if you don’t want to use the hotel laundry, for quick wash. Add some fabric spray & you’re ready with fresh undies without wasting precious travel time.

Quick Wash, No Fuss

  1. Stash 'em Fresh:

Once you've washed your undies, ensure they're completely dry before stashing them back in your luggage. Carrying a laundry bag to keep them away from other belongings is the ninja technique to maintain freshness.

Stash 'em Fresh


So there you have it, gents! Your ultimate guide to conquering the Pujo vacation, one pair of Euro undies at a time. Embrace the festive feel, look dapper and let Euro be your companion while you wander like a true trendsetter!

Happy Pujo from Euro!!